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Moda Blockheads 5 - Group 1 Wrap Up

It's finished! I decided I wanted to finish up Group 1 and start with new fabric for Group 2 so over the holidays I landed the plane on the Radiant Harvest Version I was working on for group 1. Here it is!

I am crazy about how it turned out! I love the checkerboard setting and I ended up going with a simple green border to help frame out the entire quilt.

This setting uses (12) 12" blocks and (16) 6" blocks. I made some of the block heads blocks for the (6) 6" blocks in the center sashing squares but I decided to make the same star block for the (10) 6" outer sashing blocks.

Since the Blockheads Group 1 didn't have 12 blocks and I didn't make Block 10. I ended up pulling some older blocks in to finish this up.

The two blocks I subbed were both from Blockheads 3.

Blockheads 3 - Block 2 - Sunshine Star by Sherri McConnell

Blockheads 3 - Block 28 - Broken Dishes by Joanna Figeroa

To Access all of the Blockhead 3 Archives - Click Here.

Here's the layout breakdown:

I love this setting. It's classic and uses both the 6" and 12" sizes.

I loved using this mix of saturated tones with a few lights tossed in to bright it up a bit.

Quilt Details:

Prints - Radiant Harvest Custom Bundle - Fancy That Design Co & French General

Background - French General Pearl 13529-21

Border - French General Verte 13529-118

Binding - Fancy That Design Co - Slow Stroll 45546-28

Backing - Fancy That Design Co - Slow Stroll 45544-11

For the back, I had a few leftover fabrics, so I pieced a scrappy stripe into the backing. I had a random orphan block that I was considering using for the outer 6" blocks but in the end I felt like it had too much background to work. However it was a perfect fit for the scrappy back. When I use bigger florals for the back, I often piece a stripe into the back of my quilts so I don't have to worry about matching up the prints. I didn't write a pattern for the backing because I often just wing it for these type of things, but the squares are 3 1/2" Cut (3" Finished).

Last but not least - I need to add the quilt label.....

I have pulled another custom bundle together for through 2....stay tuned for details!

On a side note - I loved Block 10 - Candy Striped Holly by Sarah Thomas but It felt like it was a little too specific for this project. I am saving it for something later though. It's very cool!!!

I hope this inspires you to make something today!

Happy Sewing!



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